Thoughts on NPR’s “Family Matters” series

– by John Cummings, ERH Marketing Manager


This morning, as I was reading through some the other blogs I follow, I stumbled upon some great thoughts about NPR’s series called Family Matters. The stories follow a few different families, as today’s GlynnDevins post reminded me:

“The series follows three families:

  • A middle-aged couple whose non-self-supporting 24-year-old son lives with them as they take in her 81-year-old father who has dementia
  • An 89-year-old grandmother with Alzheimer’s who lives with her 66-year-old daughter, and the 43-year-old granddaughter who’s quit her job to provide home care
  • A pair of 40-something sisters-in-law who alternate caring for a barely ambulatory 87-year-old grandmother in their respective homes, balancing the responsibilities of care with parental duties”

Many of us can probably relate to their stories. It’s what many families and caregivers experience and may think about as they look at in-home care options with Living Well Senior Solutions or retirement communities like Marjorie P. Lee or Deupree House. Take a listen to the stories at NPR’s website and help keep the conversation going.


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