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Celebrating a new beginning at St. Paul Village

May 4, 2012


I found myself shaking my head in agreement with one of St. Paul Village‘s residents this week. Following the grand re-opening ceremony at St. Paul, Marjorie Moseley commented to a TV reporter, “It’s hard when you’re in your 80s to get used to change, but change is good.”

That may well be good for Mrs. Moseley – and truly great for St. Paul Village. The change there truly is good. Coming in the form of a $13 million renovation that spanned more than 14 months, apartments at St. Paul are now heated and cooled using geothermal technology. They are larger with more open kitchens that allow residents to visit moreeasily with their guests. And residents can enjoy new gardens a walking paths, plus much more.

Stop by and take a look around. I’m sure you find it worth the visit!


Giving thanks … every day

November 23, 2011

Submitted by John Cummings, ERH Marketing Manager

Deupree Meals on Wheels, Cincinnati, senior services

Delivering a hot meal to Cincinnati area seniors takes as little as an hour a week - but it can leave you feeling good for days!

I didn’t even have to ring her doorbell once.

Every time I’ve delivered for Deupree Meals on Wheels since our ERH office staff adopted a route, it never failed that Mrs. Smith (not her real name) would not answer her door before the second push of the doorbell. But that particular morning, she was at the door waiting.

And smiling broadly.

“You’re a familiar face!” she said as she opened to door to me that morning. “I just love seeing you folks. It makes my heart sing.”

That was it – a few very simple words describing what I felt delivering a meal to Mrs. Smith and the others on our route.

I had never had any trouble talking my own reason for delivering meals. I love the interaction and enjoy meeting the people we serve. For me, just this one simple act brings our ERH mission to life: “We enrich the lives of older adults in a person-centered, innovative and spiritually based way.”

But here was a woman who was giving thanks not just for a meal, but for the people she’s meeting. In those simple words that Mrs. Smith  articulated everything I felt. I couldn’t help but feel good. It’s what I think every person who delivers for Deupree Meals on Wheels – not to mention any other ERH volunteer –  believes every time they finish their route. Their heart is singing.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the people like Mrs. Smith who cross my path wherever it leads. They are just one of the many blessings that we encounter in these topsy-turvy times.

I can’t wait to see if I’ll have to ring the doorbell next time I’m delivering to her door.

It takes as little as one hour a week to deliver for Deupree Meals on Wheels. For more information about this and other volunteer opportunities, call Sierra Sherman at (513) 533-5003 or visit