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Deupree Residents Donate Blankets to Tornado Victims

March 7, 2012
Deupree House resident loads blankets for tornado victims in Moscow, Ohio.

Deupree House resident Phil Maechling loads blankets to be donated to tornado victims in Moscow, Ohio.

Last Friday, Deupree House resident Phil Maechling was wondering where to store the more than 20 blankets the Deupree Knotters group had assembled.

He didn’t have to wonder for long.

“I followed the news about the tornadoes last Friday, and when I woke up Saturday and saw the devastation just down the road, I knew those blankets might be needed,” Maechling said. He called the Bethel Fire Department in Clermont County to find out how to donate the blankets their knotting group had finished.

“The fire chief told me nearly 90 residents of Moscow (Ohio) had lost nearly everything in the tornado,” Maechling said. “So we knew those blankets would keep at least a few people warm.” He and his wife Joan loaded their car and drove to the Bethel Fire Department. Officials there took them from there to the nearest donation center.

The tornado blanket donation is just the latest in a string of similar donations from the Deupree knotting group. More than a dozen Deupree House residents meet each week to knot blankets together using fabric bolts they purchase on their own. The group takes donations to defray the cost of buying the fabric.

“We started knotting the blankets last year after getting involved with the Blanketed with Love project,” Maechling said. “It’s something simple to do that does so much good.”

The group has so far donated over 100blankets to Cincinnati area homeless shelters, foster care programs and a respite center for homeless persons discharged from the hospital. “We’re always looking for places to donate them,” Maechling said. “We just enjoy doing things for others.”

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“Blanketed with Love” at Deupree House

November 14, 2011

Deupree House residents ensure local homeless & homebound will stay warm throughout the winter

A rainbow of color covered the Deupree House event center in October as residents showed off their handiwork – over 70 hand-crafted fleece blankets – destined for the shoulders of some of Cincinnati’s less fortunate to help them stay warm this winter.

Members of Deupree House’s Outreach Committee – a group of residents organized this past summer to do charitable work – created the blankets for “Blanketed with Love”, a local group that distributes donated blankets to people who are homeless, homebound, poor, ill or disadvantaged. They fashioned the blankets using instructions from the organization, tying together two pieces  of fleece to create a layer of warmth during the cold winter months, or even just when someone feels the need to wrap them- selves up for a little while.

“The committee’s goal when they started was 50 blankets,” said Rochelle Dietz, Life Enrichment Director at Deupree House. “They wound up finishing 75 by the middle of October – a real testament to their concern and determination to help other people.”

The blankets will be distributed throughout churches and faith organizations that are part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network to offer meals and overnight accommodations to people in need.

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